Monday, April 30, 2007

Cycling Entering The Mainstream... least in London. The front cover of today's Evening Standard is an editorial piece launching a "New Campaign For Safer Cycling". They want:

1 A real cycle network across London
2. Better cycle lanes with proper segregation
3. Enforcement of special advanced stop lines for cyclists
4. HGVs to be fitted with special cyclist safety mirrors
5. Compulsory cyclist awareness training for all bus drivers and new HGV
6. Cycle-friendly streets: fewer one-way systems which funnel cyclists
into the middle of traffic
7. More cycle parking across London
8. A police crack down on cycle theft
9. Make safe the Thames bridges: some of the most dangerous places for
10. Campaign to alert the self-employed that they can claim a 20p a mile
cycling allowance against tax
11. Better cycle-bus-rail coordination: adequate parking at all railway
12. Cycle training for all schoolchildren and any adult who wants it.

All pretty reasonable, I'd say. Most interesting it shows how much cycling has now entered the mainstream, in London at least, and is no longer solely regarded the preserve of right-on-lefty-types (and I speak as a right-on-lefty-type :-)

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