Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chain Reaction Pt 3

If you're expecting a step-by-step guide about how to fix a broken chain, I'd wait a few more days till I'm actually able to do that. In the meantime, here's some "DON'T"s that may prove useful

1. Don't turn you bike upside down without removing your (open) panniers first

Picture says it all really

2. Don't forget to make a drawing of where the chain goes first

You'll forget as soon as your trying to re-attach the chain and when you're covered in oil is not the time to be looking round your house for a picture of a bike.

3. Don't re-attach the chain (using the SRAM link you bought) in such a way part of it is running outside of the frame.

You'll just swear a lot

4. Don't think "That's OK" - it should be possible to just slide my SRAM link back apart again

Apparently it *is* possible, but it requires skill and pliers, and not oily hands and no skill.

4. Don't think "That's not a problem", I can use my bike chain tool to remove another link, move the chain back inside the frame, before re-attaching the link using your bike chain tool.

The bike chain tool should be used to push a pin out part (but not all) of the way. See here for how to do it properly. If you do push the pin all the way out, there's no way on God's Green earth that you'll be able to get it back in.

I will now be buying another connex link, to replace the link where I took the completely out and hopefully I'll be able to be back on my bike (finally)

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doug said...

i just reattached a chain today and I figured out how to put the pin back in if you accidentally pop it out (or in my case on purpose since I didn't know how hard it is to put back in).

What you do is stick the pin into the inner plate only. The inner plate hole is larger and you can push the pin in by hand into it. Then, with the chain screw, align the outer plate with the inner and push the pin slightly into the outer plate... presto, the pin is now reattached.
This took me several hours to figure out, not to mention I bought 2 sets of SRAM connectors that didn't fit because the pins were too short. Very frustrating.