Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Armstrong in, Contador out (probably) at Astana

The newly un-retired Lance Armstrong looks set to join the Astana cycling team. This is a bit of a shame for their other big signing of the year, last year's Tour winner Alberto Contador, who has hinted he'll be offsky if this happens.


Chris Kall said...

Contador can climb in a hole for all I care. The boy has no class. After his victory at the Vuelta, he was critcising Levi for his strong performance in the final TT and hinted that Levi was a "wheel sucker." Poor form to discrespect a loyal teammate that was instrumental in his victory. I hope Contador leaves Astana and Lance & Levi kick his backside next year.

matt said...

I have to admit to only following the Tour that closely, so missed out on that. It does sound pretty ungrateful though.

I still have no real concept of what Armstrong's going to be like, post-retirement. I wonder how much fitness (and maybe even hunger) you lose in those years out.