Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Warm Head

Seeing as I'm a slaphead, I can't believe I haven't previously owned one of these. I got one as a Christmas present and tried it out for the first time on the ride to work this morning. Needless to say my head was suitably toasty, despite London being "colder than the Antartic" (© the not remotely sensationalist Evening Standard).

Mine is the Pearl Izumi Microsensor Skull Cap for around £14, but I'm sure others work just as well.

Now I just need some winter gloves and I'll be sorted.


baz carter said...

Nice one Matt. I've been using an extremities powerstretch beanie that works (in most cases.)

Slapheads of the world untie :)

matt said...

Cheers Baz. Because I've got a reasonably high tolerance for cold, I think I make do and suffer a lot of the time, rather than just buy something to make me warmer.

Mind you, I'm sure it seemed a bit less cold this morning, so it maybe time to put the hat away :-)