Thursday, March 04, 2010

Back On The Bike

After moving house and having a baby I'm finally back on my bike, and thankfully it's coincided with the last two days' glorious riding weather. Not only does it feel great to stretch the legs, but it's turning out to be fun trying to find a route to my office that does not involve Sydenham Hill or the centre of Peckham.

In the meanwhile, there's a nice summary of the forthcoming bike racing season at The Bike Show up at The Racing Year With Lionel Birnie. A nice intro if you want to know the difference between your Dauphine Libere and your Ronde van Vlaanderen.


matt said...

Just to point out, Sydenham Hill is actually one of my favourite routes in London. It's just that I don't want to do it every day at 8 in the morning.

Trevor Woodford said...

Congratulations on the baby and the new house. Nice to see that your back out on your bike. I've just started back out on the bike after a forced lay-off of 5 months. As you say it's great to stretch those legs.

matt said...

Thanks very much for that. I just need to get one of those child trailers now to combine these two aspects of my life (actually, I'm not sure you could put a 3-month old in one of them) :-)