Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hopping Down To Brighton

I cycled to Brighton yesterday. Not on the annual, organised bike ride, but just following National Cycle Routes 21 and 20 (see National Cycle Network map, big pdf). The route is mostly on quiet roads, backstreets, paths, etc (even going through a multi-story car park at Gatwick!). 67 miles from my house, which is the furthest I've ever cycled in ridden in one day. A few big hills, and a little bit of off-road (I wouldn't recommend parts of it on a racing bike)

One of the best bits is that the route largely follows the trainline to Brighton, so if you have difficulty (and you have planned well) can always bale out early.

It's mostly very well sign-posted, but I'd still strongly recommend getting the official map . In particular, once you get to Crawley, you get the impression the signposting guy only had ten signs left to last him till Brighton and he decided he'd better use them sparingly.

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