Thursday, March 15, 2007


Velorution is a cool little bike shop with a difference. If you ride in London, chances are you ride (and were sold) something pretty sporty, either something closely related to a racer (something designed for cycling at 40mph through the French country side whacked up on EPO) or a mountain bike (designed for pulling "gnarly" moves in the great outdoors). The Velorution philosophy seems to be that neither of these designs are especially designed for riding around the city in comfort and style, and so they've looked to the Continent for bikes and inspiration (think the kind of bikes you seem in Amsterdam). The intention is that these are the kind of bikes you could ride in your work clothes (not lycra) and need little maintainence.

Some of them are absolutely gorgeous, and it's quite refreshing to walk around a bike shop where most of them have 7 gears, not 27. Unfortunately such style does not currently come cheap, but who knows maybe this could be the beginning of a sea change in London bike culture.

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matt said...

They were also very helpful, spending at least 10 minutes finding the brakes I needed.