Thursday, March 29, 2007

Possibly the best thing you will ever buy for your bike

Almost every cyclist I know has the following story. You buy a bike and start by using a hand-pump, mostly because you've probably used one before and they only cost about 3 quid. With a reasonably amount of elbow grease you inflate your tyres to what seems like "pretty pumped up".

Then one day you plug in a pump with a gauge on it and find that you've been riding around for 6 months on half-inflated tyres. You now inflate them to the correct amount and the first time you go out on the bike again, it rides like the day you bought it! Nothing will sap the speed you cycle at like riding around on under-inflated tyres.

I currently have one from Decathalon for £20, which works fine but is a complete pain to connect and disconnect from the tyre. I used one of these from Wiggle at the weekend at it was much easier. Definitely worth the extra 10 pounds I think.

PS Don't forget to keep your hand-pump for when you're out and about.

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